Google will implement a Microsoft-style browser picker for EU Android devices

Back in 2009, the EU's European Commission stated Microsoft became harming opposition by way of bundling its browser—Internet Explorer—with Windows. Eventually Microsoft and the European Commission settled on the "browser ballot ," a display screen that might pop up and give users a choice of browsers. Almost 10 years later, the tech enterprise goes thru this once more, this time with Google and the EU. After receiving "feedback" from the European Commission, Google announced final night that it'd provide Android customers within the EU a desire of browsers and engines like google.

EU: Google illegally used Android to dominate seek, need to pay $5B first-class
In July, the European Commission found Google had violated the EU's antitrust policies through bundling Google Chrome and Google Search with Android, punishing producers that shipped Android forks, and paying manufacturers for solely pre-putting in Google Search. Google become fined a whopping $5.05 billion (€four.34 billion) (that's it attractive) after which the concessions started. Google said its bundling of Search and Chrome funded the improvement and unfastened distribution of Android, so any manufacturer looking to ship Android with unbundled Google apps might now be charged a fee. Reports later pegged this amount as as much as $40 in step with handset.

Android is a unfastened and open source working machine, so Google's manage over Android is derived from the Google apps. Anyone can take the core Android bundle and distribute it with out Google's involvement, but in the event that they need access to the tens of millions of apps at the Google Play Store, they may need to get a license from Google. It's the equal tale with killer apps like Google Maps, Search, Gmail, and YouTube. Android is unfastened (as in speech); the Google apps are not. Previously, transport Android with out the Google apps—"forking" Android—might suggest expulsion from the Google ecosystem. Google was pressured to raise this limit as part of the EU concessions, and now producers can concurrently deliver forked Android and Google Android on one of a kind devices.
We don't have many information on precisely how Google's new seek and browser picker will work; there may be only a unmarried paragraph within the business enterprise's blog publish. Google says it will "do extra to make sure that Android smartphone owners realize approximately the extensive desire of browsers and serps available to down load to their phones. This will involve asking customers of existing and new Android devices in Europe which browser and seek apps they would like to apply."


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