what-is-seo SEO Basics

This is a easy Google SEO guide for beginners who need to research primary concepts of seo. It is a long academic with a purpose to give an explanation for what's search engine optimization and vital elements for buying #1 in Google SERP.

Let’s Start with Basics, you can have heard this word SEO (Search engine optimization) in many instances and in the current past, it turns into so popular around the arena due to boom in Internet users.

To apprehend search engine optimization, you need to first understand what's digital advertising?

There are two forms of advertising

Traditional Marketing: Advertising on newspaper, billboards, hoardings pump shall we, advertisements on radio, television and so on.
Digital Marketing: Advertising on electronic gadgets like laptop, cell phones, smartphones which incorporates search engine marketing, SEM, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and so on.
Search engine optimization is a part of virtual advertising.

Let me ask one query if you need to shop for a new phone you then’re what you will do?

Most probably you'll do the following things.

You will search for the specifications and fee of that phone on Google.

You will click on a website that's visible in top position in Google ranking.

If you get an amazing charge then you can buy that phone on line.


OK! So seo started out from here.

What you probably did above that clicked on web sites which can be at a pinnacle function in Google rating and there are numerous thousand websites which might be promoting the same telephone.

And, every internet site proprietor wants their internet site on top of Google rating, to be able to get maximum clicks.

If clicks will growth then the income of the product may also growth!

And, maximum important aspect is which you don’t should pay Google to get pinnacle role.

You, just want to observe Google’s webmaster tenet.

Search engine optimization Basics
What is search engine marketing?
The full form of search engine optimization is search engine optimization which actually manner that create your web sites in one of these manner that it's far cherished by search engines like google and yahoo like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

If we communicate approximately Google (Since it is a worldwide chief inside the search engine category), it has 200+ tenet that may assist your website to achieve a high position in Google rating.

The procedure through which you make your website seek engine pleasant is known as search engine optimization or SEO.

Search engine optimization Definition
Optimizing your internet site consistent with the Search engine’s hints to enhance web sites ranking in SERP (Search engine ranking position) is known as search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization).

According to Wikipedia

Search engine optimization (search engine optimization) is the manner of affecting the visibility of a internet site or a web page in an internet seek engine’s unpaid outcomes—frequently known as “herbal”, “natural”, or “earned” consequences.

Why is SEO required?
Look, considering that net penetration is increasing, as in step with one study now peoples are spending more time on the Internet than watching television (TV). So, no employer can survive while not having a presence on the Internet.  If anyone needs to buy whatever or wants any kind of offerings then their first step is to search on Google or on Bing.

User clicks at the link of website that's at the top function of Google ranking.

Only fully optimized websites get top function in SERP for which you want to do whole SEO of your internet site.

Scope of search engine marketing
My personal opinion is that the scope of search engine marketing is massive due to the fact conventional marketing like TV ads, Paper ads, and hoarding are actually things of the element. Now anybody desires to use digital technologies to promote their products and services.

Since the organization of any industry required to have a website, to optimize that website they want search engine marketing experts, so SEO gives outstanding job opportunities.

Work as a freelancer: Most of the small SEO jobs are outsourced from the united states, UK, Australia, and Canada to nations like India, Philippines, and Bangladesh and so on.

An SEO expert can earn cash with freelancing; they can registrar on following freelancing marketplaces.

Fiverr.Com:  here you can promote your SEO services via developing gigs, the minimum charge of each gig is $5, and you could set your price for every gig.

Upwork.Com:  It is the maximum popular freelancing platform for virtual advertising services, right here you want to bid on each undertaking (Job) posted via a client. Every task will have one of the following charge codecs a) fixed charge and b) hourly fee.

There are numerous different ways by way of which a search engine optimizer can earn money. Like

Blogging: Create personal blog and write beneficial content to draw visitors. Earn revenue with the aid of putting Google AdSense ads or through selling your ad inventories.

Affiliate Marketing:  Promote others products thru your blog or website and earn a referral commission on each sale.

Search Engines:
Before understanding approximately website optimization and SEO basics first you should recognise about engines like google and their functionalities.

There are numerous search engines like google and yahoo like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex etc and every of then works inside the equal sample.

Google is a leading search engine with approx. Seventy five% marketplace proportion and it serves approx. 1 billion seek queries according to day

For any of above-given search engine high-quality of content serve for person query is greater critical than websites search engine optimization optimization.

That’s why you could see several web sites with 0 search engine marketing optimization rank at pinnacle role in seek engine ranking.

How Does Search Engine work?
Since Google is the maximum trusted seek engine so from here onwards I will explain every idea this is applicable to Google.  So you could study above heading as how does Google works.

Google never shared its secrets and techniques and in no way explained its functionalities.

But, based totally on files publishes via Google and research are done by way of a few professionals like Niel Patel, Jeff Bulla, Google basically has three major programs

: In easy phrases crawling manner of amassing data of websites with the aid of Google crawler or spider.  This is the first step of the hunt engine rating technique.  With crawling search engines bots/spider discovers new pages or new content.

Crawling is a process with the aid of which search engines like google crawler/ spiders/bots experiment a website and gather information about every web page: titles, pictures, keywords, other connected pages, and many others. It additionally discovers up to date content on the web, along with new websites or pages, adjustments to current sites, and lifeless links.

According to Google

“The crawling system starts offevolved with a listing of net addresses from beyond crawls and sitemaps provided by website proprietors. As our crawlers visit those web sites, they use hyperlinks on those web sites to discover other pages.”

This is the second one and most essential step of a search engine to rank any page.  In very simple words, rendering or processing of net web page contents (Links, Images, content and many others.) which seek engine spider receives in crawling is called search engine indexing.

Search engine Index procedure the whole thing that's observed on a webpage like keywords, snap shots, headings, links and so on. Google search Index compiles all the words it sees on an internet page and their region on every page and stores it at a database of billions of pages.

 After crawling and indexing search engines like google’ spider keep each little bit of statistics approximately web pages.  When the person inserts any query into the search bar, the search engine indicates maximum applicable net pages in descending order in their relevancy, it's far referred to as seek engine ranking.  It takes the most effective a fraction of 2nd to finish the entire procedure

But how seek engine decided which website get the primary function and so one can get 2d and so on? Let’s communicate approximately how Google comes to a decision internet site ranking.

Google does it by means of asking questions like searched is keywords are gift inside the internet site page identify and outline? Is searched keyword is found in heading tags (h1 to h6), website content, anchor text, URL of the page? And is website getting oneway links from high authority web sites?

The internet pages that could provide solutions of above questions in higher ways get ranking in search engine ranking role.

For the last part of the object, I will discuss particularly Google search engine marketing strategies, and search engine optimization fundamentals are very similar for other search engines as well.

Type of Google search outcomes
Before going into info of the SEO optimization process, you should realize that how many forms of search effects proven in Google seek end result page?

There are basically two sorts of seek effects

Organic (Get through seo)
Inorganic (Ads)
Organic Search Results
 These are herbal seek effects shown for any question,  it may be acquired with the aid of sturdy search engine optimization approach on competitive key phrases.  Google suggests all relevant internet pages however divides those consequences by means of 10 internet websites according to page.

These are purely organic effects (Or Free results) and Google by no means accepts cash from any website or organisation to rank them at the pinnacle function.

To rank your internet site organically you want to examine search engine marketing and comply with search engine marketing pointers/Guidelines given by using Google. These outcomes end up a huge achievement for small groups which don’t have a heavy advertising price range for classic advertising and marketing and Google pay per click.

Types of Organic Search Results

Knowledge graph results
Brand Knowledge Graph panel
Travel field
Route box
Google flights
Local consequences
The nearby % (the three-percent)
Local Knowledge Graph panel
Featured snippets
Rich answer
People additionally ask
Featured video
Organic search consequences
Regular natural outcomes
Rich snippets
Vertical seek results
Social listings
Google information
Inorganic Search Results
 In Google search consequences, inorganic consequences are essentially ads that are shown above and under natural/SEO outcomes.  These commercials are proven on targeted keywords and controlled via Google Ads device. They look very similar to normal search consequences but has the tag of word “Ad”.

Maximum four commercials are proven above the natural SEO search outcomes and most 4 ads can be shown below everyday outcomes.

Benefits of Google commercials:  Look getting search engine optimization ranking on aggressive key phrases may also take time (approx. 2 to three months), so what you can do to get pinnacle role in Google ranking?

Run Google ads! You can get pinnacle effects in just 2 hours.

Types of Inorganic Ads

Text Ads
Product Listing Ads
Hotel Ads
Submit Website to Google
search engine optimization optimization technique begins with submitting your internet site in Google in order that it could move slowly your website content material and your internet site into seek result web page.

Follow given steps to feature your website to Google

Open Google Search Console

Click “Start Now” button and log in together with your Gmail electronic mail ID

Just underneath the logo, you may discover websites “Add belongings” option, click on it

search engine optimization Techniques
This is the main segment of the whole article, right here I am going to speak about all those techniques and techniques with the aid of which you could make your website seek engine pleasant in order that your internet site can get a higher ranking.

Search Engine Optimization stands for making small modifications on your website shape,  coding, and content to meet the hunt engine’s fine hints.

Individually those modifications are very small but the combination of all modifications can substantially effect websites ranking and visitors.

As according to my factor of view, there are two styles of SEO strategies

On-page search engine optimization
Off-Page search engine optimization
On-Page search engine optimization: I actually have a completely easy definition of on-page search engine marketing strategies “search engine marketing change which are made within the existing internet site to optimize it, is called on-page SEO techniques, it consists of modifications in meta tags, content optimization, heading tags, internet site structure, inner linking, picture optimization, URL shape, and responsive web site design. ”

Off-Page search engine marketing:  Here is my definition for off-web page SEO “Website promotion techniques which can be used to enhance the ranking of a website inside the seek engine are known as off-page search engine optimization strategies which includes content advertising, back-link creation, guest posting, and social media merchandising”

Let’s circulate into information of on-page search engine optimization and Off-page search engine marketing techniques in view that Google is biggest seek engine so all of the techniques might be discussed in keeping with Google’s webmaster’s suggestions. But, the technique is very comparable for all serps like Yahoo, Bing, and others.

On-Page SEO strategies in element
Before making any changes on your website don't forget one component that your fundamental consumer is vacationer NOT a search engine, so make only those changes which look herbal and don’t distract site visitors. Do not make any changes which offer bad user enjoy to the traveler of your internet site.

Given internet site optimization techniques will be applicable for any varieties of internet site just like the small company internet site, huge internet site or non-public weblog.

Website Hosting
People who have know-how of search engine optimization basics have to be questioning that web hosting is not a part of on-web page search engine marketing.

Somehow you're correct due to the fact nobody considers web hosting is a part of seo.

But, as per my point of view hosting is a chief issue in internet site optimization and performs an important position to enhance the performance of a website.


Because of load time thing of seo.

Google offers a further advantage to the websites which load quicker. According to a research, user closed about 70% of web sites which takes longer than 10 seconds to load.

Nowadays extra traffic comes from cellular gadgets so having exact hosting ensures quicker loading and higher ranking.

Never fall into the lure of reasonably-priced web hosting or loose hosting due to the fact most of those include high load time and several restrictions like server down, website crash, hacking, your information may be stolen.

Recommended web hosting vendors

Always do some studies before shopping for hosting in your internet site or blog because you will have to use it for several years.  I already used numerous Indian and International web hosting affords, as in line with their performance right here is my advice

WPX Hosting (Free For Three Months)
Having desirable website hosting can come up with an extra edge out of your competition and your internet site may get higher ranking right away.

Keyword Research
The key-word studies is a separate subject matter, in popular, it isn't always part of on-web page search engine marketing, however seeing that I am explaining all SEO element little by little that’s why I am discussing it here.

I have already written a detailed article for Keyword in search engine marketing, refer this newsletter to recognise the category of key phrases and their significance.

The key-word is the coronary heart of on-web page search engine optimization optimization and “procedure of locating best keywords is known as keyword research.”

Let’s first understand what are keywords?

Keywords are queries or terms which person type into Google search bar to get favored records.  Keywords can comprise simplest one phrase like SEO, Cloths, Dogs or can contain numerous words like What is search engine marketing, search engine optimization or how to do search engine optimization and many others.

Now, the query is a way to discover perfect keywords for our internet site?  Or which key phrases are best for our internet site?

Keyword studies process consists of analyzing historical facts like traffic and opposition at the person keyword.

The ideal key phrases are those who've greater traffic and less opposition.

There are numerous loose and paid gear are to be had for keyword studies, my guidelines are given beneath.

SEMrush (Free/Paid)
Google Ads Keywords Research Tool (Free)
Both these gear are similarly precise however SEMrush is higher because they percentage extra records than Google ads keyword studies device.

Find underneath key-word studies procedure the use of SEMrush tool.

Open SEMrush device by way of typing SEMrush.Com
Type any term (key-word/phrase) which you think quality describe your internet site or any phrase on which need your internet site in Google and click on seek.
Now a dashboard will be open which have numerous pieces of records to your key-word and other related keywords.
Initially, you want to recognition on key phrases, Volume, keyword difficulty (KD) and Competition.
Select the ones key phrases which have exact search volume and less key-word trouble and opposition.

Let’s recognize it with an example, I what to find key phrases which might be associated with “what's search engine optimization”, so I typed in SEMrush seek bar and it confirmed me ancient facts of what's SEO keyword in conjunction with several related key phrases.

I will pick out only the ones key phrases that have much less competition however excessive seek volume. Repeat this process for all of your phrases/phrases to find a list of best key phrases.

Ideally, you must have at least 10-20 key phrases for a single internet site.

Meta Tags

If you've got primary understanding of internet site programming then you be aware of meta tags.  Those who're new in this area and want to learn search engine marketing, web site coding has particularly  components

Head Section (<head> ….</head>): Most of content of this phase is not seen in browser.
Body Section (<body> …. </body>): Content of this phase is visible in browser.
Meta tags are used inside the head (<head>…</head>) part of a website. Meta tags are the most important part of on-web page search engine marketing, “meta tags are a small piece of code which presents additional records approximately webpage to search engine like Google.”


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